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Training and Consumer Modules

A2Z Annuity Marketing provides an extensive library of training and consumer presentations, videos, whitepapers, etc.  Some of our training and consumer pieces are featured here.  Call your marketing representative for additional information and resources.



Team Members

A2Z Annuity Marketing’s staff has extensive experience in sales, marketing, product selection, contracting, case management, and more.  Contact one of our senior staff members with any questions or comments you may have about our products, services, and support.


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Laurie Wedmore, Marketing Director

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NEW Return of Premium Product with 6% Bonus

We’re not kidding . . . .100% of the client’s deposits (less any withdrawals) are GUARANTEED to be returned to the client at any time . . Can you sell that kind of liquidity and flexibility?






NURSING HOME WAIVER The client can receive either the total of deposits less any withdrawals OR the minimum guaranteed cash surrender value . . .whichever is higher . . .at any point in time after the first year. In addition, the contract provides for withdrawal of interest only during the first year and 10% free withdrawals every year after the first year. Talk about liquidity and flexibility.



Call Laurie, Chris, or Christine today to learn more . . .or click here for immediate download of contracting paperwork . . .easy contracting, great commissions, great service.



News in the Senior Housing Communities

Brookdale Stuns The Market

June 1, 2011. Early this morning, Brookdale Senior Living announced that it signed an agreement to acquire 100% of the equity interests in Horizon Bay Realty, LLC, and that upon completion of the transaction, Brookdale will be adding 90 communities with 16,165 units to its portfolio. This will increase the size of Brookdale by…

about 30% to 648 communities in 36 states with the ability to serve 67,000 residents. There will be no dispute as to who is the king of the seniors housing castle now.

The majority of the communities (45) involved in this transaction are owned by Chartwell Seniors Housing REIT, and Brookdale will renegotiate the management contracts on these, and 33 of the communities had been leased from HCP, Inc. Of these 33, 21 will go into a RIDEA-based structure with Brookdale owning a 10% interest and 12 will continue to be leased from HCP. The total cost to Brookdale, which includes the acquisition consideration, capital contributions to the HCP joint venture and integration and transition costs is about $47 miillion, which is low because the communities were all leased or managed. We are awaiting additional details and will have a full analysis in the June issue of The SeniorCare Investor. But an early analysis tells us this is a win-win for Brookdale with a lot of upside, and may be a win for both HCP and Chartwell.


A2Z Annuity and Amerivets – A Match Made in Hemet

OK, so there’s a little humor in the title, if you caught it. Actually, we met in Denver, wooed each other in San Diego, and agreed to join forces in Las Vegas. But however it came together, rest assured it’s a good thing for A2Z and Amerivets agents nationwide.

Amerivets brings a back office support system, complete with Amerivets Legal, to all of the agents of A2Z Annuity Marketing that are participating in the VA Aid and Attendance program. With the training and knowledge of A2Z agents regarding both the VA and Medicaid programs, coupled with the superb organization and aptitude of all of the Amerivets employees, our merged marketing program will become the standard for working with veterans.

Beginning immediately, all A2Z Annuity Marketing agents will be able to use the branding of Amerivets as they market themselves to healthcare facilities and other related organizations. This branding will provide recognition of a nationwide organization dedicated to working with veterans and their families, regardless of income or asset allocations, in obtaining the Aid and Attendance pension. Upcoming training opportunities will educate our current agents on how to communicate with Amerivets Legal, plug into marketing opportunities opened by contracts with national healthcare firms, and how to gain access to Amerivets marketing materials.

If you are looking for a way to expand your business and you enjoy helping seniors and their families, then the Amerivets program may be just what you need. We can show you how to create a 100% referral business and have you meeting with those referrals in as little as one week. Interested? Call A2Z Annuity Marketing today to learn more.



The One Question To Ask Your Clients!

Do you know what it is? It will boost your sales and commissions while helping your clients prepare for the inevitable.

Do you want your children to pay for your funeral?
It is a simple Yes or No. But, the follow up question is the one with the impact — What have you done about it? If your clients are like most, the issue has not been properly addressed. Now is the time to introduce your clients to a Funeral Trust Policy. Find out more today and let us show you how to seemlessly introduce this to your product mix…….

Do You Conduct Business in New York?

Attention New York Agents

If you conduct business in New York, we have products with some of the top carriers and can help you find the perfect annuity, life insurance policy, or funeral trust for your client. Companies like Lincoln National, American Equity, Genworth, Allianz, Old Mutual, and host of others.

Call Chris or Laurie today at 877-752-0055 to learn more about these products.

New Training Module for VA Aid and Attendance

VA Aid and Attendance

New Training Module

A2Z Annuity Marketing is pleased to announce that a new training module covering all of the basics of the Aid and Attendance program is now available.

This module, approximately 1/2 hour in length, discusses the program’s eligibility and qualification requirements as well as how you can make money helping veteran’s qualify for up to $23,000 per year of tax free income to pay for home healthcare, assisted living, and nursing home expenses.

Furthermore, this module will introduce you to a niche marketing program that will GUARANTEE that you build a never-ending stream of referrals . . . referrals eager to BUY annuities from YOU!!

Click on the Boot Camp icon to access this exciting new module.

A Marketing Tip That Will Save You Time and Money

Annuity Marketing Tip Will Save You Time and Money

A2Z Marketing Tip Will Save You Time and Money

How many times have you gone on an appointment only to realize that you have left a needed form back at the office. Or, you suddenly discover that what you thought was a cash sale becomes a transfer request? Or, that you suddenly decide to use a different company to solve the client’s need? How many needless trip do you make back to the office to get the necessary forms only to delay the sale you were counting on or perhap even worse, delaying the qualification of benefits such as Medicaid simply because of delays in getting the proper paperwork submitted.

To get around this problem, A2Z Annuity Marketing suggests that you carry a USB jump (flash) drive with you. Simply store applications, transfer paperwork, even service forms, from the various companies with whom you do business. You may even wish to carry consumer presentations, product brochures, or other client materials as well. For those of you who do Medicaid or VA Aid and Attendance planning, necessary forms, presentations, manuals, etc. can all be stored and available to share with your clients. A one gigabyte drive would be more than enough to store all the documents, presentations, and brochures you will ever be likely to need.

Now, if you forget a form or if the sales presentation changes gears, you can simply ask you client if they have a computer and printer that you could use to print the necessary forms or to show the marketing strategy presentation you are now suggesting. Of course, if the client does not have a computer and you are in need of forms, a local Kinko’s, public librabry, hotel, or other public building will have computers and printers that you can use.


If you are contracted with A2Z Annuity Marketing and attend one of our Medicaid or VA Aid and Attendance trainings either via webinars or at our home offices, we will provide you with a USB drive pre-loaded with cleint presentations, forms, and even your state’s Medicaid Eligibility Manual as part of your training. You may see what trainings are scheduled by checking the activity calendar on the home page of our website. (forms for specific companies can be added to the drive)

We hope this tip will save you both time and money. It has proven to be a valuable addition to my travels as there have been many times I have conducted trainings, seminars, etc. where a form, brochure, or presentation is needed and is readily available because I keep the information on a USB drive attached to my keychain.

If you have been to a previous training and haven’t requested a FREE jump drive, simple request one by clicking here.