A Marketing Tip That Will Save You Time and Money

Annuity Marketing Tip Will Save You Time and Money

A2Z Marketing Tip Will Save You Time and Money

How many times have you gone on an appointment only to realize that you have left a needed form back at the office. Or, you suddenly discover that what you thought was a cash sale becomes a transfer request? Or, that you suddenly decide to use a different company to solve the client’s need? How many needless trip do you make back to the office to get the necessary forms only to delay the sale you were counting on or perhap even worse, delaying the qualification of benefits such as Medicaid simply because of delays in getting the proper paperwork submitted.

To get around this problem, A2Z Annuity Marketing suggests that you carry a USB jump (flash) drive with you. Simply store applications, transfer paperwork, even service forms, from the various companies with whom you do business. You may even wish to carry consumer presentations, product brochures, or other client materials as well. For those of you who do Medicaid or VA Aid and Attendance planning, necessary forms, presentations, manuals, etc. can all be stored and available to share with your clients. A one gigabyte drive would be more than enough to store all the documents, presentations, and brochures you will ever be likely to need.

Now, if you forget a form or if the sales presentation changes gears, you can simply ask you client if they have a computer and printer that you could use to print the necessary forms or to show the marketing strategy presentation you are now suggesting. Of course, if the client does not have a computer and you are in need of forms, a local Kinko’s, public librabry, hotel, or other public building will have computers and printers that you can use.


If you are contracted with A2Z Annuity Marketing and attend one of our Medicaid or VA Aid and Attendance trainings either via webinars or at our home offices, we will provide you with a USB drive pre-loaded with cleint presentations, forms, and even your state’s Medicaid Eligibility Manual as part of your training. You may see what trainings are scheduled by checking the activity calendar on the home page of our website. (forms for specific companies can be added to the drive)

We hope this tip will save you both time and money. It has proven to be a valuable addition to my travels as there have been many times I have conducted trainings, seminars, etc. where a form, brochure, or presentation is needed and is readily available because I keep the information on a USB drive attached to my keychain.

If you have been to a previous training and haven’t requested a FREE jump drive, simple request one by clicking here.


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