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A2Z Annuity Marketing is your resource for information concerning marketing annuities to seniors. With an emphasis on Medicaid Planning and VA Aid and Attendance, we can provide assistance to you as you meet with and close transactions with your clients.

We keep the current Medicaid Eligibility Manuals for each state as a reference to help you understand and comply with the rules in the states in which you conduct business.  We are a resource for case management and are willing to speak with you, your clients, their attorney, or other advisor.  We have helped hundreds of financial consultants prepare their clients for nursing home, assisted living, and home healthcare environments from a financial perspective.  We can show you how to assist your clients by pre-planning for these eventualities through proper financial and legal preparation.  We also work with veterans to help them qualify for the Aid and Attendance benefit that will allow them to receive a pension to help pay for home healthcare, assisted living, or nursing home expense.  To learn more about this benefit, please go to

If you are looking for a seminar system to use in your marketing efforts, our unique seminar, Safe Money Solutions for Seniors®, is available to agents contracted with A2Z Annuity Marketing.  Subjects of discussion include taxes, probate, banks, wall street, and catastrophic illness.  The seminar is designed to enlighten seniors as to some of the problems they face in financial planning as they relate to these subjects and is visually designed to help them to take action.  That action is, of course, to make an appointment to see you!  Learn more about this seminar system by calling A2Z at 877-752-0055.

Watch this page for updated information on subjects of interest to those of you who market to seniors. We will continuously provide you with newsworthy bulletins from companies, press articles, and more so that you can do your job better.

If you have any questions about any of the information you find here or need additional information about annuity sales, LTC, Medicaid Planning, VA marketing, or other markets, call us at 877-752-0055.

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