Medicaid Planning

The largest expense your client may ever face is the cost of a long-term healthcare need.  Are you prepared to really help them avoid losing their nest egg to these expenses?  

If you are involved in the senior market, then inevitably the question of how your client is going to pay for long term care will be discussed.  If your client does not have a long term care insurance policy, then personal funds or government benefits will need to pay for this care.  But did you know that, with proper planning, you can assist your clients and help them plan to have these expenses paid without spending every last cent they have? 

Many seniors don’t know what rules are in place to help them preserve their retirement funds for either themselves, a spouse, their children, or perhaps their favorite charity.  By default, the vast majority of nursing home residents end up on Medicaid, but only because they failed to plan and have exhausted all of their assets.  Our goal is to help you understand what income and assets can be protected for your clients so that they don’t end up in the same boat . . .a sinking financial ship.

We work extensively with financial advisors, insurance agents, elder law attorneys, and CPAs on issues related to paying for care.  We carry an extensive line of traditional long-term care insurance policies as well as specially designed products for long-term healthcare planning that includes hybrid life and annuity-based long-term care insurance alternatives, annuities designed for Medicaid and VA planning, traditional, fixed, and indexed annuities for retirement, income, and estate planning, pre-paid funeral trusts, life insurance, and more. 

We offer the most comprehensive training for Medicaid and VA Aid and Attendance planning in the industry and stress honesty, integrity, and sincerity in relationships with our agents and clients.  If you are looking for a marketing organization that can help you build a high-level sustainable business that serves both the senior and boomer markets, we may be what you seek.  Call one of our marketing associates today to learn more.   877-752-0055.

Call us today at 877-752-0055 to learn more how you can help your clients preserve what they have worked so hard to earn.

For additional information, you may also want to check out our online Medicaid training for annuity producers by clicking here


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