A2Z Annuity and Amerivets – A Match Made in Hemet

OK, so there’s a little humor in the title, if you caught it. Actually, we met in Denver, wooed each other in San Diego, and agreed to join forces in Las Vegas. But however it came together, rest assured it’s a good thing for A2Z and Amerivets agents nationwide.

Amerivets brings a back office support system, complete with Amerivets Legal, to all of the agents of A2Z Annuity Marketing that are participating in the VA Aid and Attendance program. With the training and knowledge of A2Z agents regarding both the VA and Medicaid programs, coupled with the superb organization and aptitude of all of the Amerivets employees, our merged marketing program will become the standard for working with veterans.

Beginning immediately, all A2Z Annuity Marketing agents will be able to use the branding of Amerivets as they market themselves to healthcare facilities and other related organizations. This branding will provide recognition of a nationwide organization dedicated to working with veterans and their families, regardless of income or asset allocations, in obtaining the Aid and Attendance pension. Upcoming training opportunities will educate our current agents on how to communicate with Amerivets Legal, plug into marketing opportunities opened by contracts with national healthcare firms, and how to gain access to Amerivets marketing materials.

If you are looking for a way to expand your business and you enjoy helping seniors and their families, then the Amerivets program may be just what you need. We can show you how to create a 100% referral business and have you meeting with those referrals in as little as one week. Interested? Call A2Z Annuity Marketing today to learn more.



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