The One Question That Will Increase Your Income By Over $100,000 Per Year

I bet that if you knew you could ask one question of each of your prospects that would generate over $100,000 of ADDITIONAL REVENUE, you would ask it, right?  And, I’ll bet that you often overlook this one easy sale that every life insurance agent in the country should know about, but often forget to mention.

The miracle question:  "Do you want your children to have to pay for your funeral?"

Why is this question so powerful?  Because it opens up a discussion about final expenses and allows you to immediately explain a final expense or pre-paid funeral trust contract. 

The answer to the question is invaribly, ‘no’.  So, a logical follow-up question is, ‘So what have you done about it?"  This will evoke answers about pre-paid cemetery plots or headstones, pre-arranged and paid funeral directives, reasons for proscrastination, etc.  Whatever the direction the discussion takes, you can always bring it back to the probability that your client may have as little as $2000 left in their estate if they don’t properly plan to protect their money from the nursing home spend down.

By pointing out that pre-paid funeral trusts are exempt as assets under both VA Aid and Attendance and Medicaid guidelines, you can steer your client to set aside an amount to pay for their funeral arrangements.  These contracts are generally non-underwritten deposits into a specific type of policy that is then held in trust by the insurance company to be used for the final expenses of your client.  States typically cap the amount around $10,000 that can be claimed as exempt from consideration as an asset the would affect Medicaid eligibility, however some states have different amounts.  It is best to check with us if you are not familiar with your state’s limit.

Another consideration is that some states will allow more than just the Medicaid application to acquire funeral trusts with the applicant’s funds.  Many states will allow funds to be spent on the applicant’s spouse, children and even son- and daughter-in-laws.  Again, check with us for pertinent rules in the state(s) in which you conduct business.

All of these funeral trust lead up to some great commissions that can increase your annual income by over $100,000 with only one or two pages of application paperwork per policy.  Call us today at 877-752-0055 to learn more about pre-paid funeral trusts or just simply start asking the question, ‘Do you want your children to have to pay for your funeral?"

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