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Get A FREE Aid and Attendance Website


A2Z Annuity Marketing will develop a VA Aid and Attendance website personalized just for you and your business. Many agents have already taken advantage of this opportunity and have an easy referral source for their healthcare professionals and consumers.

The site will be complete with your own web address, an email address for forwarding any information requests, and your personal contact information. The cost for maintaining the site is $10 per month and is payable directly to the hosting company. We will upload your completed site to the hosting company once you have approved the content.

For an example of the site and what it will look like, you may visit www.veteransofalabama.com or www.veteransofmississippi.com.

All you need to do is go to www.register.com and create a domain address. The rest is up to us.

So, get creative . . . look for a web address that reflects your geographic area or your specialty in the senior or veterans markets. If you need assistance, give us a call. We would love to work with you.


Producer Training Modules For You and Your Client

Be sure to check out our Producer Training Modules section for training on subjects that will help you close sales as well as consumer presentations that you can use. The following modules are password protected and can be viewed after obtaining the password from A2Z Annuity Marketing. Call us at 877-752-0055 today to receive your password.

Subjects currently covered in our module selection include the following in the Product Concepts area:


  • Annuity Bootcamp
  • Indexed Annuity
  • Immediate Annuity
  • Retirement Account Rescue
  • Split Annuity
  • Split Annuity with Income Riders
  • Stretch IRA
  • IRA Quiz
  • Wealth Transfer Life
  • Variable Annuity Problems Revealed



    Consumer Presentations include:


    Watch here for new modules as they become available.


  • The One Question That Will Increase Your Income By Over $100,000 Per Year

    I bet that if you knew you could ask one question of each of your prospects that would generate over $100,000 of ADDITIONAL REVENUE, you would ask it, right?  And, I’ll bet that you often overlook this one easy sale that every life insurance agent in the country should know about, but often forget to mention.

    The miracle question:  "Do you want your children to have to pay for your funeral?"

    Why is this question so powerful?  Because it opens up a discussion about final expenses and allows you to immediately explain a final expense or pre-paid funeral trust contract. 

    The answer to the question is invaribly, ‘no’.  So, a logical follow-up question is, ‘So what have you done about it?"  This will evoke answers about pre-paid cemetery plots or headstones, pre-arranged and paid funeral directives, reasons for proscrastination, etc.  Whatever the direction the discussion takes, you can always bring it back to the probability that your client may have as little as $2000 left in their estate if they don’t properly plan to protect their money from the nursing home spend down.

    By pointing out that pre-paid funeral trusts are exempt as assets under both VA Aid and Attendance and Medicaid guidelines, you can steer your client to set aside an amount to pay for their funeral arrangements.  These contracts are generally non-underwritten deposits into a specific type of policy that is then held in trust by the insurance company to be used for the final expenses of your client.  States typically cap the amount around $10,000 that can be claimed as exempt from consideration as an asset the would affect Medicaid eligibility, however some states have different amounts.  It is best to check with us if you are not familiar with your state’s limit.

    Another consideration is that some states will allow more than just the Medicaid application to acquire funeral trusts with the applicant’s funds.  Many states will allow funds to be spent on the applicant’s spouse, children and even son- and daughter-in-laws.  Again, check with us for pertinent rules in the state(s) in which you conduct business.

    All of these funeral trust lead up to some great commissions that can increase your annual income by over $100,000 with only one or two pages of application paperwork per policy.  Call us today at 877-752-0055 to learn more about pre-paid funeral trusts or just simply start asking the question, ‘Do you want your children to have to pay for your funeral?"

    Check Out This Great Single Premium Life Product

    Single Premium Life Insurance is a great way to preserve and transfer wealth. Why not include it for your clients who have money they want to leave to their heirs? $100,000 in cash could be $150,000 TAX FREE for their loved ones, or they could use $70,000 to leave $100,000 behind. What could they do with that extra $30,000?

    A new car

    A nice vacation

    Start a local scholarship program

    Make improvements to their home

    Donate it to charity

    Surprise someone they love with a cash gift

    Why don’t you find out what ideas you and your client can come up with . . . and call us about great products that you can use. . . like this one!

    The Secret Word

    We’re giving away pocket-sized solar chargers for your cell phone, ipod, mp3 player, or other electronic devices. All is takes is a call to A2Z Annuity Marketing at 877-752-0055 and mention to us the secret word. What is that secret word? Read here to learn more.

    At A2Z Annuity Marketing, we believe in relationships. We’re more than just a product wholesaler . . . that would be too easy. We’re here to help you not only find product, but solve problems for your clients. Medicaid planning, VA Aid and Attendance, IRAs, Roth IRA, stretch IRAs, income planning, asset protection, and more.

    If you value relationships, we need to talk. Our selection of annuities is the best in the industry. We hand select the companies we offer and the products we promote.

    Call us today for more information or continue to explore our site.

    A2Z Annuity Marketing provides complete training for Medicaid and VA

    A2Z Annuity training is available online here at a2zannuity.com or through live presentations or webinars.  

    Our online Medicaid planning training module will allow you to sell the new American Investors SPIA+ policy.  ONLY THOSE AGENTS WHO COMPLETE THIS TRAINING WILL BE ALLOWED TO SELL THIS PRODUCT.  If you have any questions about this training, please call us at 877-752-0055.

    VA and Medicaid training is available one-on-one via gotomeeting.com or through group trainings that are held throughout the year at our Carmel, IN  office.  Call us today or visit the event calendar here on the website. 

    VA Aid and Attendance Websites Available For Agent Use

    A2Z Annuity Marketing, Inc. will create a website just for you . . .

    If you are currently marketing in the VA Aid and Attendance market or if you are interested in adding this niche to your marketing efforts, A2Z Annuity can show you how to profit from a fully customizable website that will attract and educate potential clients to contact you and request more information.  These requests lead to MORE SALES.

    To learn more about marketing in the VA Aid and Attendance area, call A2Z Annuity Marketing today at 877-752-0055.

    To view a sample website, go to www.veteransofalabama.com


    The website creation is free.  You may use your own hosting service or you may purchase hosting for $10 per month through A2Z Annuity Marketing.

    NBC’s Cramer Tells Americans To Take Money Out of the Market

    Mad Money Host Says To Protect Funds From Market Declines

    NBC stock expert Jim Cramer, host of the show, MAD MONEY, warned Americans that their best option for investing is to take any money they may need during the next five years out of the market.

    On the TODAY SHOW, aired on Monday, October 6, 2008, Cramer advised that the markets may experience an additional 20% decline and that he was worried that the average American could not withstand the declines in value.

    A2Z Annuity Marketing has a selection of short-term guaranteed rate and fixed index annuities that will provide safety, growth, and liquidity during this period. Check out the selection by clicking on the ‘Companies’ tab.







    NBC’s Cramer Advises To Take Money Out Of The Market

    NBC’s Jim Cramer told a Today Show interviewer that Americans should take out of the market all money that they may need during the next five years.

    A2Z Annuity Marketing offers a variety of short-term guaranteed rate and fixed index annuities that provide safety and growth as well as liquidity for monies invested during this time. Check out our product selection by clicking on the ‘Company” tab.

    Share this video with your clients and other agents:


    NBC’s Cramer Warns People To Take Money Out Of Market

    NBC’s stock expert Jim Cramer warned Americans that the market could suffer an additional 20% decline in the near future and to take any money out of the market that they may need in the next five years.

    A2Z Annuity Marketing, Inc. has several short term guaranteed rate and fixed index annuities that make great places for your clients to place their funds. Check them out by clicking on the Companies tab.

    Here is the complete interview on The Today Show, aired October 6, 2008.

    <iframe height="339" width="425" src="http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22425001/vp/27045406#27045406" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>